the unique love rebel

that you are 

courageously lead the change

Hi, my name is Andrea.

I'm on a mission to help you lead from your fully embodied essence, with responsibility, resilience, courage, integrity, radical honesty and compassion.

This is my story...

I have built myself ground-up since I can remember.

Born and raised in a loving family in Romania and while having a happy childhood, I grew up sometimes feeling scared, sad, and alone.

There were experiences I never shared with family members or friends because the world they lived in was only one of the worlds I’ve always been part of:

I can see beyond the veil. I can hear the calling of hearts. I can sense what the world is asking of me and what is possible for us all here and now.

In my early childhood I was given an experience of Oneness, Connection, Unworldly Light, Infinite Love, Protection and Peace that held me strong in days of loneliness and reminded me there is a Higher Power who loves me to the core and I am One with It.

A message was imprinted and a memory became alive of who I really am.

But I kept silent.

Somehow I understood that the world was not ready for what I saw.

I let my drawings on the walls and paper, the journals and quiet playtimes with the spirits beyond the veil, the ongoing conversations in my heart and mind be my codified expression and support.

Over the years I was bullied, verbally abused and harassed for being shy or afraid, “too emotional” or “too sensitive”,  wearing eyeglasses or simply for being a girl.

Daydreaming became my escape. I could reveal part of my secrets only with a selected few.

Growing up I saw my maternal grandmother bleeding and suffering years in a row from physical and mental abuse by her son, my alcoholic uncle.

When my mother and other loved ones died loss and grief became doors to a new quest: finding myself and the meaning of my life.

Lacking a strong system of values and principles to live by, I simply followed my instincts and went from one toxic relationship to another.

Things got so bad that one time I almost lost my life when a boyfriend tried to strangle me and I had a near death experience. I took agency and stepped out of that relationship. Alive and traumatised I turned my life around.

In adulthood and especially after I became a parent I went alone or with one of my sons through traumatic situations in the healthcare system in Romania. At times shamed, humiliated and mistreated by the ones I was to entrust my body, my life and my dearest, I turned to my spiritual allies and the lifelong resilience to cope and stand up for myself.

As a patient or caregiver I witnessed the dark side of life in ICU in the maternity and later in children's hospitals: a malnourished 5-month-old with convulsions rounding her body like a bridge; a 7-year-old happy boy bound to live a life in the hospital; an 11 year old who suddenly fell in coma and never came back; a 5-year-old screaming of pain hours in a row due to open wounds; parents barely holding on while overwhelmed, scared and exhausted; babies crying for being stung many times because the nurses couldn’t find a blood vessel to use while yelling at parents and shaming them… 

My ego started to shrink.

Those experiences became wounds and also lessons of humbleness and extraordinary power of humanity, faith and love…

Then my first marriage - a beautiful heartfelt time in the beginning - ended in pain and hurt for all sides.

In hindsight, for decades I lost my connection on and off with my inner powers, the gifts given to me, my lineage, my path, my light.

And something within me and outside me wouldn’t let me go until I made my vision my reality.

I needed four key elements to be able to go through life’s challenges. Three of them - knowledge, a web of relationships and love of people - I already had naturally and have developed them from birth. The fourth one I needed to grow into - the courage to be myself and follow my path, my calling, my heart.

One sunny day, as I was getting ready for divorce, I asked The Great Creator, who I believe in, for clarity - if my way is with or without a family of my own beyond my sons.

Lo and behold, less than a year later I found the answers through a divine love relationship with my current husband. After having him by my side I made a choice that changed our lives for good.

Gabriel became the embodiment of divine love for me and the reason for the huge transformations I’ve put myself through since we met.

For almost two years before leaving Romania I focused on my rebirth, shedding all that didn’t serve me mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I made peace with everything in my Romanian life - family, friends, mistakes, experiences - anything that needed healing and transformation within me. I chose to cut ties with some while enforcing relationships with others.

I left for Canada to be with my partner, have a family, feel at home and start anew. 

I had my uniqueness and the keys that always kept me going but I was still listening to what others saw possible and not what I knew deep within.

Between me and my dream life stood my blindness to my own abilities, gifts, and power.

Encouraged by my skills in the legal field, I chose paralegal studies. What I didn’t know then was that following such a passion didn’t mean I would also find prosperity, fulfilment and joy.

How could I feel abundance when I was living with one small part of who I am?

How could the world open its doors to me when I wasn’t freeing myself and expressing all that I am?

When the pandemic hit us I realized that my husband and I would never thrive individually and together, fulfilling the dream we joined forces for, unless we took agency and led our lives from our deepest truth.

I made a decision from then on to fully follow my calling and made my lifelong vision my bull’s eye, my point of focus until my last breath on Earth.

Life listened to my hunger and responded every single time with what I was ready for.

I decided to act and live from a place of integrity - mind, soul, spirit - refusing to invest in what didn’t serve me. I allowed myself to follow what I see, sense, feel or know; to ask for help, to learn from others, to be guided and supported and go through the dark-night-of-the-soul and reach the light.

Then I held on to that light, made it bigger and befriended it inside my heart.

I became One with life within me and that’s how I remembered the Oneness with what’s outside of me.

From then on, I’ve expanded my expression to a dance with life in writing, speaking, motherhood, love relationship, friendships and connections of all sorts.

When challenges are knocking at my door, I know all the answers are within me. I tap into that sacred wisdom with the tools that I have.

When I need guidance beyond my inner world and experience I am aware of what supports me on my journey to my best and highest interest and to the best of all involved.

I’ve found allies along the way and together we’ve started building a new life for ourselves and a new world for us all.


Now I feel loved by life, in love, joyful, abundant, safe, free, at peace, grateful. My vision became my reality and it’s manifesting in this bidimensional world in alignment with my soul, values, and calling.

Driven, unstoppable, I'm all about living life and loving the process, the journey, not looking at the bumps or big walls along the way.