Millionaire Within Her Docuseries

By Andrea Petrut

April 7, 2022

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It's past midnight in Toronto and I can't stop. I can't stop learning why my "WHY" matters and why despite everything and anything around me I should remember... who I'm doing this for.

I've just watched the interview with Forbes Riley in episode #2 from Millionaire Within Her docuseries. It's in her life stories and wisdom that I found strength and more of my own stories that matter to me first. It's those lived experiences that made me who I am and drive me.

She reminded me of 1992 when I knew I would have my mom in my life only until I wouldn't be able to see her again and that would be two months after she was diagnosed with cancer. Before she died, unknowingly then consciously, I decided I'd live long enough to see my children grown up and my vision fulfilled, with a legacy my children and next generations can feel empowered and guided by.

I lived with very few Elders (Pillars) in my family still alive. My own Elder, the role model I needed in life, was gone before I could really feel supported by her. My mom gave me wings by passing hers to me.

My mission is to help anyone who wants to bring a change to have the support they need in life - the support from themselves, from others and form the higher power they choose to believe in. If you need support, contact me and I'll hold loving, safe space for you to allow your vision to expand into your reality.

Andrea Petrut

About the author

Andrea Petrut is an Intuitive Relationship Catalyst, Heart Imagery Teacher at The School of The Heart, writer, speaker, leader, home educator, podcaster (guest/host) and advocate for love. Originally from Romania she currently lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Andrea believes we are all one, connected, all with our uniqueness and we can bring change in the world by understanding how we can support each other. She loves helping multi-passionate visionary women, change agents anchor their vision and live it in their life and relationships. Currently she is writing her first book, a spiritual memoir.

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