March 31

Where did you see God? with Paul Granger


Listen to this heart-to-heart conversation with Paul Granger from Where did you see God? Podcast and hear a perspective on your life to inspire you.

At the beginning and in the end Paul gracefully and lovingly leads a prayer (let me know if tears start coming, as it happened to me; he is gifted...).

Then through his playful invitation, together we discover how I see my life and all in it, with all the challenges, loss of loved ones, traumatic events.

Where do I see God? You tell me, after you hear how we were guided as the minutes went by.

This conversation is over an hour with a beautiful soul and a human who listened to God's calling.

I told Paul Granger at the end that by sharing his stories (and doing what he does) he is bringing healing into the world. One by one, each of us doing our best, we can be part of the VISION of a world where:

❤ unconditional love

❤ grace

❤ forgiveness

❤ unity in diversity

❤ collaboration and building bridges

❤ support

become the norm.

May we all do our work in the world because IT HAPPENS.❤

Paul Granger and I had a healing conversation and that’s the theme of his series where I as included. It was another proof that it is best to follow my heart and listen to the nudges. The way he puts his heart into all he does allows conversations where otherwise it may not have been possible.

I write that while knowing I've been hurt or witnessed people being hurt in different religious or spiritual communities that use the word "God." A single word can have many connotations and meanings for different people. He gracefully allows each guest to show their relationship with God and express how that helps them.

Paul has great insight and knows how to get the best of someone's stories and sharing so that the listeners can see beyond the words and the first impression.

I highly recommend⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ listening to his podcast. You can be inspired in many ways, you can allow your heart to listen and your mind to open. You can bring healing to yourself and in the world by listening to ways of relating to each other that open possibilities and set an example of change and building bridges.❤🙏

"What if God still speaks and works?
It can be hard to believe it, even harder to see it... or is it? What if God's not making it hard, but inviting us to look and to listen?
This podcast creates a space to practice looking and listening, through voices like yours. Through stories and organic conversations, we process how we can see God in the midst, and how we can learn to see Him more fully."


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