March 31

Mamas Need Love with Shannon Early

🥳📣⭐️Shannon Early⭐️, the host of Mamas Need Love Podcast  and I have a heartwarming conversation in her episode about:


✅raising a child with a special brain,

✅home education/homeschooling - who is it for and who it's not for

✅homeschooling in Romania and Canada

✅relationship with the higher power/God

✅advice for parents thinking of homeschooling

and a FREE gift I created for parents and caregivers:


About the Podcast - by Shannon Early

"Motherhood - it doesn't look the same for any of us - but you know what?! All of us are carrying around our own baggage. Whether it's helping your children with autism or anxiety, living with chronic illness, surviving from abuse in all of its forms, or feeling depressed and stuck in our lives - girl, I've got you! Mamas need love too - and this is the place where I want you to know you can let your hair down, take a breath, and just relax in the fact that you are not alone on this journey we call motherhood. We all have our mistakes, our victories, our stories - and ladies, I want to share those with you! So, pour a coffee, or a cup of tea, and know that God totally loves you, all the time." 


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