March 31

The Co-Dependent Me Podcast with Tamala Shaw

This has been my first opportunity to have an amazing conversation as my first podcast interview as a guest. I am grateful to Sean Tyler Foley and Michael Harris for their sharing, guidance and support about podcasting and being on PodMatch, the platform for matching podcast guests with podcast hosts.😊

Tamala Shaw reached out to me before I ever knew about her podcast!

We had a lot of fun, vulnerability sharing, it was a FANTASTIC icebreaker for me.

We talk about:

⚘ how I was codependent in relationships

⚘ how a longtime friend in USA rang the bell I needed to hear

⚘ my relationship with Gabriel Petrut

⚘ my mother and the relationship with inner power

⚘ my upcoming spiritual memoir

⚘ my Reset and Supercharge Your Life Coaching

and more

Please share if you know people who need support with co-dependency and subscribe to her podcast if you want to hear more of Tamala's insights and her guests! 🤗🥰

Your Story Matters

Podcast to increase the awareness of Codependency. To look at the behavior and journey to healing.


Andrea Petrut, Podcast Guest, PodMatch

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