May 17

“Results” Have Different Meanings For Us Because of Expectations and Perspectives

The last year of my life since the beginning of 2021 and until now, I have chosen to fully express myself, to fully become who I am, and invest in myself, invest in everything that I need to create a business of my own, where I partner only with the higher power, which for me is God, and where I do everything that I'm good at, where I discover who I really am, and I fulfil my mission, the chosen mission on this earth as a multi passionate visionary

The only person in this world who really knows what I have done is my husband. If he and I  tell somebody else of certain things that have happened, extraordinary things in my life, “they” meaning some of my relatives, some friends or other people, we can sense some kind of thoughts behind their words, because of their own expectations of results. 

In the video I wear a red t-shirt, which is Special Olympics Ontario, for a specific purpose.

“Results” do not mean the same thing for everybody.

As a mom of a child with a brain malformation, I know from my experience, and I also know by watching other parents or caregivers of people with special needs, that results mean very small things that that child or adult can do, or has managed to do very small things like eating on your own, that is huge for some; walking, that is a miracle

Every single thing, even staying alive one more second, is a result, is a miracle.

As a mother of a healthy child, or let's say so called "normal child" who doesn't have any physical differences, let's say, or any disabilities of any kind learning or whatever, “results” for me, means - which actually means the same for all my children and all the children in the world - “being able to be free to be who you are, being able to follow your passion, being able to fulfil your dream to do the thing you want to do in your life with love.”

And for children in general, for me is to keep the love of learning. If my child, whether they go to public school, private school, homeschool, wherever it is, if they can keep the love of learning, their curiosity, their innocence, the best things of who they are THAT for me is “results.” And I have them.

For me, as a multi-passionate visionary, being able, in a single week, like this week, to be so close, like so, so close to Les Brown, to be able to ask questions and get answers from him... WOW.

For those of you living in Romania or other places, if you don't know who Les Brown is - Les Brown is the most powerful, transformative, influential speakers of all times, in my opinion. His story is amazing. He's 77 years old. And he has inspired me in the last weeks, very, very much. Watch this video of him speaking in front of 80.000 people at Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA and you’ll know why…

My dream has become to be very close to Les Brown. My dream was to be as close as possible. I'm in Canada, he's in the United States. And when I saw that there is The Visionaries Summit, where in the VIP section, there is a way for me to get to be very close to him I said YES and I invested that little amount of money just to be there with him.

During the summit I told Pauline Victoria Aughe and Maynard Neal (organizers) I had four dreams coming true.
  1. 1
    The first dream was to watch Les Brown live and have a conversation somehow with him.
  2. 2
    One other dream was sharing my message. I could share my message and it's recorded, thanks to Pauline and Maynard who had live workshops every day.
  3. 3
    I met extraordinary speakers, extraordinary visionaries: Pauline, Maynard, Jackie Simmons, Michael Silvers, Dawna Campbell. I was there with them online and I could learn from many others who were there.
  4. 4
    I got lots of opportunities, connections, collaborations, networking with amazing people. And I have another community to be part of.

Guess what?


Despite that, I still have people in my life, people that I love, or people that we love as a family who, when thinking of results, are still waiting for something. And I'm telling you what people are waiting to see coming out from all I do. Because I know one of the things is money. 

Money for me is not the best result that I can get. For me it is IMPACT.

If I can touch one person's life other than myself, other than my husband, other than my children, if I can hear from somebody that my message helped them that day, that hearing me on a podcast or listening like a live video or anything, help them that day this means the world to me, these are the results I'm looking for.

Money is going to come.

Money is not my goal, money is not my motivation. Life, people, change is my motivation, change in the world.

I have money and money come and money go, that's not the thing, and I'm gonna have much more money that I have. NOW, that's not the thing.

The results for me with everything I do is to have impact, touch somebody's life in a way that they feel supported, they feel loved, they feel held, they can have some healing, some transformation that they need in the moment, whatever that is that they need.

If I'm the one that they need at the moment, I want to be there. 

These are the results I'm looking for.

Maynard kept telling us during The Visionary Summit that, "a million people have not woken up today" - a million people die every day. This is the message that I got from him. And what I understood is that I gotta do something about it, I have to fulfil my mission, I have to continue.

So I'm doing it, not for the money. They're gonna come.

I'm doing it so my husband can be with me as much as possible.

I'm doing it so I can be with my children as much as possible.

I'm doing it so I see my husband, smiling and at peace, and fulfilling his own dreams.

I'm doing it so I can see a smile on my friend's face.

I'm doing it so I know that I have not lived for nothing.

I'm doing it so I know that I have left a legacy and the fact that I'm breathing, I'm seeing, I'm hearing, I'm walking, I'm alive, helped this world, helped my family helped my community.

I'm doing it because I want to stop the trauma in my family.

I'm doing it because I want to stop the trauma in the world.

I'm doing it because I believe we are all one. We are connected. And we are unique. And we are all here for our own mission and purpose and we deserve to fulfill it. And the results are unique for each of us.

If you have never been supported by somebody around you, when small things for you that matter happened, I'm telling you to share it with me or share it with somebody else in a like minded group. Do it in a group where people are like you and they can support you, they can be with you.

Every single thing you have done towards your vision, every joy you have, because you fulfil something, it's something to celebrate and I'm happy for you.

And there's no “but” and I'm not asking for more.

Some talk like, "Yeah, well you know, let's see the result. Let's see what's next."

I don't need to know what's next. It's already happening. For me my dream is coming true. The results have been here all the time.

The opportunities, the people, those are results, even if some things will not move along it doesn't matter!

NOW is more important than tomorrow.

NOW is more important than anything.

Keep it up, stand up for yourself and enjoy even if other people cannot enjoy it with you.

Money is not always the result we need. What are the results you need? Get that, celebrate that and find people who can really support you and everything you do and love, love, love, keep loving.

Keep loving and hold space and hold the perspectives of those who cannot see what you see, who cannot see what you need, who cannot see what you have accomplished.

It's about perspectives. Keep yours.

I love you visionary!

You are amazing.

Well done!

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