Andrea’s presence is a gift. Her ability to share hidden truths while warming people’s hearts makes her a unique and powerful speaker.

Heal and empower!

The souls of the world are calling heart-centered leaders to make their vision come true.

It’s time for deep healing and transformation to stop the trauma and start building a new life for ourselves and the world at large.

Meet Andrea

Andrea is an International Speaker, Intuitive Relationship Catalyst and Heart Imagery Teacher.

She is passionate about co-empowering multi-talented humans, visionaries, changemakers globally to feel connected and aligned, to anchor their vision and live it in their life and relationships.

A trailblazer in her own Romanian lineage, Andrea took an empowering vision at 11 years old when she lost her mother to cancer. She became her own pillar in life, lifting herself and others on her path.

Andrea’s mission is to reach millions of people ready to connect with their truth, use their unique gifts and power to lead with heart for all to live in peace, love, and compassion to create a sustainable society for all.

Andrea’s humour and personal stories will help you recognize unnecessary stress and see who you truly are. She will love you fiercely without abandoning you. You will be able to begin shifting the stories that are holding you back and feel inspired to take action and bring out the greatness within you.

Signature Talks

Customized to your audience

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