Part 1: Working With Ancestors


Roxanne Schueller's Video On Ancestors

Roxanne leads Interfaith services at Brookmont Church in Bethesda, Maryland. I use her work more like meditation.

To me, those videos are transformational in multiple ways. If you are called to watch any of them, may you feel inspired and get whatever you need to receive from her sharing.

I wrote down the timings so you can see the flow of the video.

Brookmont Service Oct 04, 2020
00:00 Beginning/Song - part of “Walk With Me" by Maggie Wheeler
00:26 Introduction – Connecting to Ancestors
01:19 Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe by Ben Lee
4:54 Hands and Mindful Breathing
5:45 Their Hands and Our Hands and the Blessing
6:45 Life Story
07:31 Jonas Salk (John Edward Salk) and Ancestors
07:58 Prayer of Healing/Song - “Mishebeirach” by Debbie Friedman
10:16 Guided Meditation/Song – “When I Call On The Light of My Soul”
12:55 Embodiment/Breathing
16:25 The Three Type of Ancestors and The Questions to Ask Ourselves
21:36 Honouring
22:33 Song – “Walk With Me" by Maggie Wheeler
25:20 Inspirational Photo and Quotes from The Black Tulane University Medical Students (more on:
27:00 Shantideva’s Prayer
28:52 Song - "May the Long Time Sun" by Snatam Kaur
30:30 The Future
Ancestral Medicine Book by Daniel Foor, Ph.D.

Daniel Foor, Ph.D - “Ancestral Medicine” book and website

Ancestral Medicine is his website yet if you want to buy you also find the book on Amazon

This is a practical book for those who want to dive deeper.

The Sacred Tree Book

“The Sacred Tree - Reflections on Native American Spirituality” with the introduction by Dr. Jane Goodall DBE.

You can find it on Amazon (click to see).

It is a very condensed yet enlightening book on the values, beliefs, culture, medicine wheel and all that is essential from the Native American People from North America. To me it is one of the most valuable resources to learn from and use in my family life and for myself in all my relationships. I see it as a humbling resource full of the wisdom that we all need to hear and ponder today.

Sacred Storytelling

If you want to know more about Sacred Storytelling, Leah Lamb is my teacher and the one I love learning from: She is inspirational and a role model for me, when it comes to storytelling.

Somatic Writing

Thanks to a dear friend of mine I just discovered Tanya Rubinstein's work from Somatic Writing
She has free events where she is guiding participants to connect with the land, body and ancestors. Highly recommended! New and very interesting insights come from this type of experiences. She is magical in her work and guidance!
See her upcoming events here:

Intuitive Drawing

If you want to integrate art into your work with the Ancestors, I learned intuitive drawing from Kristen Myers when she had a workshop in collaboration with Leah Lamb:

I always use drawing as a way to tap into the wisdom I need for my work, transformation or anything I need help with in life. This workshop series actually came to me after using intuitive drawing!