March 31

Little Did You Know Podcast with Shelby Eastwood

Thank you to Shelby Eastwood from Little Did You Know Podcast for this opportunity. I loved chatting with her and sharing as much as possible.

There were great questions that inspired insights I haven't given before about:

⭐ having a vision, a reason to live and move through,

⭐ valuing ourselves and spotting when we're not valuing ourselves

⭐ having healthy relationships and red flags when they're unhealthy,

⭐ thinking of my 20 year old self,

and much more.

I know how I felt in my 20's and I wish I had someone there for me to give me advice, a show to listen to and hear people's experiences, wisdom, insights, like we do on these shows, helping each other, and being raw.

I am here if anyone has questions about what they heard in the show and they want to know more. Just tag both me and the podcast on Instagram in comments so others can benefit from the conversations too.

About Little Did You Know Podcast - by Shelby Eastwood

"The podcast YOU need to navigate your 20s, your mental health and your relationships."


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