April 12

Firefly by Iris Janet Podcast

Firefly by Iris Janet and I instantly connected few weeks ago, before my event with Michele Noordhof. The conversation you can hear below in her episode became a piece of a bigger one we continued after the recording.

Life is a blessing, especially in challenging times, when people like her and everyone I meet open their heart and build a bridge using compassion, love, tolerance, open mindedness, care and trust in each other.

Iris is another star, a luminary in the world, a space filled with graceful attitude towards self and life.

EPISODE NOTES (36:45 min)

  • The process of discovering and hearing our inner voice
  • How the divine power communicates
  • Ways to perceive the message from your ownself
  • Examples of understanding the right questions
  • Coming into an alignment with your divine self


Firefly by Iris Janet Podcast

This podcast will inspire women all around the world who want to migrate or immigrate to the United States. Promotes collaboration with women all around the world to help you find your energy, your passions, a great mindset of success, and empower your life. My name is Iris Janet and I want to help you love your life, set goals, find your self energy, and have a positive mental attitude, empower your life. Like Fireflies light up in the darkness without a lot of energy being lost, Firefly by Iris Janet will light up your way.

Audible - www.audibletrial.com/firefly


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